The Community Geological Museum of San Pedro La Laguna is a project to support environmental education and promotion of community tourism in this municipality and is part of a network of community-themed museums, designed around Lake Atitlán with the purpose of generating a tourist-educational circuit. which contributes to the cultural development of the area, in addition to stimulating interest in the conservation of both natural and cultural resources that the Lake Atitlán basin has.

The implementation of this Community Geological Museum contributes to the geological history of the Lake Atitlan area, through an educational scientific room where the visitor is shown several models of the different phases that make up the geological history of Lake Atitlan as well as the formation of volcanoes. and that as a whole they result in the landscape in which a unique ecosystem develops in the world. You can also appreciate during the tour the historical and customs room where the traditions and the first stories that San Pedro La Laguna has both pre-Hispanic and colonial are emphasized, it is shown that it is still manifested in this municipality and that they are part of the oral tradition of the lake basin. In the third room the visitor will be able to observe some of the most prominent characters of this town as well as brief samples of the artisan production that is manufactured in San Pedro La Laguna.

In the last room you can see some pre-classic archaeological pieces found in different and deep parts of Lake Atitlan, as well as we can see photographs of the customs and traditions of San Pedro La Laguna, especially from the year 1941 that enrich our history.

At the end of the tour, a series of information is observed regarding other tourist and cultural options that are offered in this municipality.




1 Projection Room: Where the visitor can watch a video about the customs, traditions and way of life of the people of San Pedro, especially from the 40s. The video has a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

 2 Geology Room: Contains the theory of tectonic plates, types of volcanic rocks and different geological episodes.

3 Volcanology Room: Contains scientific information on the different types of eruptions, especially the formation of Lake Atitlán, volcanoes, etc.

4 Culture Room: Contains the Mayan Calendar, pieces that our ancestors used, the type of houses, the typical costume, among others.

 5 Photography Room: The visitor will be able to observe the customs, traditions, way of life of the people of San Pedro, especially in the 40s through photographs with their respective descriptions and will also be able to observe pre-classical archaeological pieces found in different places and depths. from Lake Atitlán.


After the tour, the visitor will be given their Mayan nahual

Hours of operation: Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Contacts: 58696646 - 36154298

Facebook: Tz’unun Ya San Pedro Museum

Rates: Foreigners adults Q 35.00 Children Q 20.00

               National adults Q20.00 Children Q 10.00

               Cuenca adults Q10.00 Children Q 5.00

                Local adults Q 5.00 Children Q 2.00