Lake Atitlán is located in the department of Sololá, at a distance of 150 kilometers from Guatemala City. The total area of ​​the Lake Atitlán basin is 580 square kilometers and the lake is 130 square kilometers. The surface of the lake is 1,562 meters above sea level, presenting its deepest part, approximately 325 meters, while the average depth is 220 meters.


The Lake Atitlán basin is made up of three important ethnic groups, Tzutujil, Kaqchikel and K'icheé, the inhabitants of the area practice spirituality based on the Mayan culture, associated with nature, around the lake there are 41 sacred places also called ceremonial places indigenous peoples, approximately 77 archaeological sites mostly of second order and 16 routes of the cultural landscape, 2 of which are considered historical routes, likewise, there are buildings from the period of Spanish occupation and the republican period, the activities that you can carry out during your visit to the Lake Atitlán are; observation of flora and fauna, walks through cultural routes, observation of landscapes, swimming, diving, and kayaking.